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Friends of Rivacre Valley (FoRV) is a community group that works in partnership with the Council to assist with the maintenance of the Local Nature Reserve (LNR). We provide a communication link between the local community and the Council's Greenspace Team.

This website was created as a space for us to share information and updates about Rivacre Valley. We hope to educate, inspire and encourage local people to come to enjoy the Reserve and get involved with conservation efforts.


FoRV are working in partnership with local historians, charities, wildlife enthusiasts and other community groups to create the content for this site.


Unless stated otherwise, all of the photos you see featured on this site were taken by local people and visitors to Rivacre Valley, who have kindly given their permission for them to be displayed. For a chance for your photos to be featured, simply share them to our Facebook group or send them via email.

Alf Bailey Kingfisher.jpg

Photo by Alf Bailey (2019)

Rob Pitt Bluebells 2020.jpg

Photo by Rob Pitt (2020)

Our Local Wildlife Haven


Rivacre Valley is a beautiful Reserve of 395 acres (160 hectares), situated on the edge of the industrial town of Ellesmere Port. The meandering Rivacre Brook runs through a mixture of ancient woodland and grassy meadows, tied together through a network of bridges and trails.


The land has been owned and managed by the Council since 1988, and was given Local Nature Reserve status in 1994. Protection was granted to over 300 acres of the Reserve in 2013 by Fields in Trust under their Queen Elizabeth II Fields scheme.

Rivacre Valley LNR is a wildlife haven, supporting a diverse range of animals and plants. Check out our gallery for photos and our wildlife page for the complete list of around 100 species of birds including owls, kingfishers and cuckoos. Visit in late April to admire the brightly coloured carpets of bluebells that form on the slopes.

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