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Halloween Colouring Competition 2021 Winners

Many thanks to all of the children who entered our Halloween themed colouring competition and helped to bring some colour back to Rivacre Valley.

We can finally announce our winners (better late than never!)...

Well done to Lily, aged 7, who won 1st place!

Lily's mum said she was really excited about winning a prize. We thought her colouring and handwriting was very neat, and just look at that smile!!

With so many brilliant entries, we couldn't narrow the runners up to just 2nd & 3rd place, so we chose to award prizes to 11 more talented children who impressed us with their creative colourings.

Jacob (7) & Luca (4) were so pleased to receive their prizes. We loved Jacob's blue & purple spider and Luca's green rat - very spooky!

We even had an entry from over 200 miles away!

Cotty (7) sent her colourful masterpiece over to us, all the way from Essex. What a talented young lady.

Alysia (8), Chloe (10), Cooper (9), Eleanor (7), Jacob H (9), Jacob W (9), Max (9) and Teddie (9) from West Kirby Primary School all won prizes for their super spooky entries too. We thought the extra little details that lots of them added as they put their own twists on it were brilliant - spot the zombie hands, lightening bolts and scary moons...

Well done to everybody else who entered and unfortunately didn't make the shortlist this time - we loved every single entry and we're sorry we weren't able to make you all winners!

What's in it for us? There's no catch, we're just keen to engage the local community with our work within the Nature Reserve, focussing particularly on getting the younger generation involved.

Do you have any ideas for future competitions that you'd like to help organise or get involved with? Let us know in the comments.

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